AI that sells by talking to your clients


Artificial Intelligence for your business that sells and makes your customers happy

What am I?
Dialogue system
Answer the questions from the learned database

Act like human
Imitate the personality and carry on a dialogue
Learn from itself
Become smarter with time and more information
ARNI features
Ready to support your business in 72 hours
Security and permissions
ARNI operates inside the company's infrastructure and genuinely understand its permission levels
It understands context, permissions to access the information and employees responsibility spheres
High efficiency
The full power of deep machine learning lets ARNI process all incoming data on its own
Great reliability
Up to 95% of the right answers are provided by the power of context analysis and advanced algorithms
In time ARNI will handle all possible processes in the company
We help our clients to integrate ARNI most efficiently.
We also learn ARNI to connect with all of your services and equipment.
Data Sources
ARNI can collect your data from different apps and services
User interface
ARNI interacts with you through emails, texts or your iPhone/Android app
ARNI for every employee
ARNI is designed to help you and all your company's staff.
Manufacture management
ARNI teaches new staff to work with equipment
Examine employees efficiency
Checks the equipment conditions
HR Department
ARNI creates various contracts, reports, and surveys.
With ARNI executing up to 60% of HR employee routine, your company has time for a better employee hiring and on your employee's development.
Customer support 24/7
ARNI will improve the customer support department by handling the customer inquiries and orders.

ARNI will help with:
Orders creation and product info
Smart search in the company's FAQ
Smart search in product manuals
Help with registration and related services
Benefits of having ARNI
Seamless Integration
ARNI is quick to learn. We upload your company's database to ARNI servers, and it instantly starts to learn from it. Overall integration takes as small as three days. Moreover, there is no need for further adjustments. ARNI can understand all changes on its own.
Saves money and time
ARNI is designed to help employees with data search and routine tasks. With ARNI your employees will take care of more complex and vital tasks leaving routine work to artificial intelligence. ARNI will help them to find documents, files and other information in your company's database.
New workflow possibilities
With ARNI your employees will save time with routine tasks and concentrate on more complex ones. That will change the way they work and transform old workflows into new modern ones.
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